We tried to make the digital download process instantaneous and trouble free, but sometimes issues arise when using and or downloading to multiple platforms. Below are some trouble shooting tips for helping you get this material onto your device once purchased. Please remember to save the files once downloaded.

Please note: That downloading directly to your iPhone may not work. We recommend downloading the content to a desktop computer first. Then transferring it to a iPhone via Airdrop or iTunes on a mac. If you are unsure how to do this, please research how to do so before purchasing. 

MACBOOK |      

If you have the confirmation email pulled up and click "download" the file will be downloaded and saved on your Mac in your "Downloads" folder. Once the file is finished downloading you should be able to access the material on your computer by opening up the zip file and clicking the files.


(Similar to Mac) When you receive and open the purchase email, click the "download" button and the files will download to your "My Downloads" folder this should open automatically on your desktop. When the files are downloaded, just click the zip file to open up the content . You will now be able to play the material in the folder by clicking it to open. The files are compatible with Windows media and audio players. REMEMBER TO SAVE IT TO YOUR DEVICE.

If you apply the info above but still are having difficulty downloading the material, please feel free to send us an e-mail  |